Dominic Alldis Trio

The trio features Dominic Alldis on piano, Andrew Cleyndert on double bass and Martin France on drums.

They specialise in jazz arrangements of classical & opera themes, folk songs, nursery rhymes, American Songbook and original compositions.

Their latest album Praeludium featuring jazz arrangments of classical themes by Bach, Fauré, Pachelbel, Satie, Bizet, Dvorak, Borodin, Chopin and Bartok.

The trio were recommended artists in the 2015 Concert Promotors Guide.

The ‘Jazz meets Classical’ concert by the Dominic Alldis Trio was fantastic.  The arrangements gave me a totally new and fresh perspective on classical pieces I’d been listening to for years ...

David McCleery, Artistic Director, St. James's Piccadilly
Dominic Alldis Trio

Click here to view a videos by the Dominic Alldis Trio.  It includes a promo video for 'Jazz meets Classical' and 'Jazz meets Nursery Rhymes', as well as individual songs.

The Dominic Alldis Trio are playing a series of concert during 2016-17 including music societies and concert venues.

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